Monday, April 11, 2011

Creativity in my friend's studio in Walla Walla, WA

This is the triptych that Tricia and I created together last year. The narrative describes their lives in Portland and then in Central Oregon on the Deschutes River. The triptych hangs on the front of their house.

Below is a collage I made after deconstructing a piece of art that they have had hanging in their house forever. I used the glass and frame from the original piece and repurposed parts of the original piece in my collage. It hangs in their guest bedroom.

Below is a little wooden box that I covered and then raided Tricia's many boxes of cool beads 'n things for the top!

Below is a wooden box I bought at New Seasons grocery store. The lid is a curved piece of wood veneer. How fun it was to go through her myriad piles and boxes of paper for just the right ones!

After driving the 4 hours to get to her house, I was immediately instructed on how to sew this very nifty binding for a small 4x5 journal. We hit the ground running!

We both realized how lucky we are to have one another to inspire and instruct. We experience so much synergy that every moment is filled with excitement, inspiration and creativity. This includes all our homecooked meals and our walks. Thanks to her husband who fed us throughout the week!

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