Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Artist's Thank You

 About a month ago I resigned from a job I was doing for the art group and a few weeks ago the ladies of the Portland Art Collective presented me with a very unique thank you gift. One of the beauties of this group is over the years we have found each others weak spots. In my case I do a lot of assemblage and love the color of age. That includes the beautiful patina on a handle of an old tool, the color of rust only Oregon can produce and all the chipped odd bits you find in the very bottom of a wood box in the back of a garage. In the box they don't look like much but as you can see separated and organized the bits are very attractive. They call to me to use them as a leg, or hat or ???? the possibilities are endless.

Thank you ladies I love it all.


Judy Kahooti said...

What a wonderful treasure trove for an assemblage artist. Lucky you. I also can't help myself -- scoping the area at the flea markets in New England, I'm also looking for the same kind of items. My desk and tables in my office are filled with such items. Oh my. But what fun to create! I thought the photos of the objects was done very well. Nice to look at. Thank you for sharing.

suzie said...

It was a blast to shop for you Tory. Cool to see all your loot gathered in one place and will be even cooler to see what it turns into! You inspire me!