Wednesday, December 21, 2011

********* The Christmas Branch**********

The Christmas Branch is up & hanging. In an effort to minimize clutter and keep floorspace, I purchase a 93 inch Aspen branch. Suspended from the ceiling and connected with white chain (little coffee hooks are in the branch!)
Draped with silver and whites for a crisp look, I must say I love it. Our 16 year old border collie, Domino appreciates one less thing to navigate around.

I love light up stars, so one is hanging near the branch.

Between them is my buffet, a simple vase of branches, and lights.

In my kitchen I have more of the red branches, rose hips and berries collected on walks, I like to see nature in my house.

On the island a couple of pomegranates pair nicely with air-plants and a fresh Rosemary bush. I'm still thinking about getting a Meyer lemon tree, I saw recently full of fruit, to keep me company this winter.

I love putting out little spreads of food, asparagus, cucumbers & olives, little heirloom tomatoes with decadent cheeses and chocolate to balance it all out, it is after all the holidays!

A close up of the Christmas branch, I'm thinking of keeping it up all year, and making it seasonal, next up hearts anyone?
Cheers for a wonderful holiday, no matter how you celebrate!
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