Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Art and Soul,II by Lenall Siebenaler

I just spent 4 days and one night at Art & Soul taking 4 classes. This was my 5th Art and Soul. I missed the first one! The first one that I attended, and for that matter everyone since, acted as breakthoughs for me and for my art. Prior to my first Art and Soul, I was, for the most part, a pure watercolor painter. Now I CAN'T paint pure watercolor. They also give me renewed excitement, ambition and energy to create! That alone is worth every dollar spent! Besides the classes, I enjoy meeting and playing with all the artists. Actually, Art & Soul was the catalyst which lead me to the Portland Art Collective!!

All of my classes were great, but I got the most out of my 2 day class "Beautiful Papers" from Anne Bagby. All of the images I've uploaded were actually created in a square format. These images are not square but I stillthink you can get the jist of what they look like.
The assignment for this day was to:
1. Create a big dark shape using a monoprinting technique
2. Layer--Build up lots of surface texture
3. Add a smaller brighter shape--a focal point
4. Glaze--add colors on top of the texture to push back or pull forward.
5. Paint out the negative space

These pieces are really not totally done, although some are close. I think I will spend another "sitting" on them and take them further.
I will be selling these pieces at "Open Doors" unframed in my flat bins.


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