Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun times at Art & Soul 2008, 1 by Lynn Nicole

Art & Soul 2008 was great again this year...I enjoyed creating my 1st beads on metal jewelry piece in Beverly Gilbert's Beads On Metal workshop, & I found out I really can draw whimsical characters in Carla Sonheim's Practicing Whimsy I & II workshops! Here are some of the pieces I created with Carla's great drawing exercises...

These drawings were all created from just 1 splotch of silver or brown paint that Carla had placed on various sheets of paper. It is amazing what shapes come forth without even trying very hard to look for them!

Please note, my dinosaur seems to be having a difficult time holding his neck up so is resting it on an upended log, & he is donning combat boots!

The 4th drawing down from the top is of our new little lab puppy, Charlie Brown, who is actually a chocolate color. He came into our lives just after Art & Soul, & is one reason it has taken me so long to post!

Here are some I drew using one of Carla's great props...Seems I had dogs on the mind!

I am still working on making some adjustments to the beads on metal piece created in Beverly's workshop, & hope to post pics of it this coming week.

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