Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jewelry Binge

Are you one of those people that loves magazine quizzes? I always liked the Cosmo quizzes and remember doing several fashion typologies. Are you Romantic or Practical? Fashion Forward or Caught in Time? I usually end up Eclectic which, I think, comes from my theater background and a lifelong love of costuming.

I just finished a jewelry-production binge and I think I am also an Eclectic designer. As I review the pieces I see several lines:

New Victoriana
Classic pieces with a bit of a twist. Perhaps living in a house built in 1890 is having its influence. I just LOVE the Victorian look, twisted a bit a la Tim Burton. These are Golden pyrite with brass chain and Faceted onyx earrings.

Business, Baby
These are the type of pieces that I put on when I have client meetings. Sharp and clean. These are Moonstone with a Swarovski crystal and Gold-fill beads on sterling silver hoops.

Sweet Things for Sweet, Young Things
My nieces wear these and they look lovely on those beautiful swan necks. They are too delicate for me but I thing they're exquisite on 20-something necks and lobes. These are Peridot with crystals and Freshwater pearl necklace with crystal.

Sassy Brass
These earrings have a dynamic and assertive quality. My daughter wears these. Below are Faceted glass and Czech glass with freshwater pearl both on sterling.

Meditation Chaplets
I'm also producing a limited set of Meditation Chaplets. These are loaded with symbolism and are a great tool for focusing the mind. They each come with a booklet with descriptions of the meaning of the stones and symbols as well as how to use for prayer or meditation. This one is specifically designed for our dear friend, Scotty.

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Z'anne said...

Beautiful earrings and LOVE the caplets, Maggie!