Saturday, October 4, 2008

What If? Crazy Quilt Challenge

I am having a great time experimenting with the Crazy Quilt block.  I have been participating in a "What If?" challenge hosted by the amazing fiber artist Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth.   The idea is to start with the concept of a traditional crazy quilt block but ask, "What if I changed it in some way?"  You can read more about these on my blog if you'd like more details.

In this piece, I started with my (mostly) hand painted graffiti fabrics as a traditional crazy pieced background.  I then asked, "What if my embellishments were all done with sheer fabrics?"

In this next piece I started with the same graffiti background, but this time I asked, "What If I make separate tufts of layered fabrics and attach them with handstitching for the embellishments?"

I'm now working on a series of these graffiti based pieces.  Another direction I moved in was to ask, "What if I layer each piece, tack the layers together, and run it through the wash to create lots of texture?"  I then used embroidery to anchor some pieces down and emphasize the curls and wrinkles of others.
I am finding that this very focused challenge of only changing an element or two at a time while working in a traditional form has been a great way to expand my creativity.  I'm excited about trying many more!

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