Monday, November 29, 2010

Art, Shopping, Eating in Multnomah Village

When you come to the show this weekend, make sure you allow time to visit Multnomah Village. The Village is full of fun, independent shops and restaurants and is a perfect way to round out the day or evening--they stay open late this weekend.

You'll find many unique shops in the Village including those that specialize in books, toys, housewares, clothing and much more. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Village Beads has a great assortment of beads. Love their window display:

Loads of colors to choose from:
And many specialty beads, both strands and individual pieces.

Northwest Wools carries a luscious assortment of yarns:

And all this tempting fleece for felting projects:

Fibers in Motion carries the latest fabrics:
A nice assortment of batiks and much more:

All three of the above shops offer classes and lots of individualized service. You can take in any of your current project challenges, and they are happy to help you get back on track.

The Jealous Gardener is the newest store in Multnomah Village, and what a beauty. Lots of gardening and home decor items:

And Switch has the most fabulous shoes. (I think these boots are going to have to be my Christmas present to myself!):

They have now opened a full clothing store next to the shoe store and carry a very artful selection of clothing and accessories:

Most of the shops and restaurants are on Capital Hwy, an easy stroll from Multnomah Arts Center. Lots to discover!

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