Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Flaming Heart Christmas by Stephanie Brockway

Almost done with a batch of Flaming Heart Milagros. "Milagro" is Spanish for miracle , they are talismans, meant to protect against trouble or pain, they are also symbols of hopes or dreams. The heart image is the most common left at Altars. They are meant to represent love, healing and gratitude.
These are a joy to make, always a little medative. After being hand cut. I shape them with a carving tools, each shape is a little different.

...little notes on a paper plate as I go along, words come to me, that will represent this batch.

Many hours of shaping to get them just right. I used Pine wood this year, and it has such a nice scent.

Between many layers of paints, sanding is done to get a nice feel and patina on the wood. This year I've added words, burnt in with a tool for another layer of texture. A final coating of wax and these are ready to be hung.
PS. A little gaggle of "Finial Girls" are waiting to go to the PAC Holiday show too. See more at my blog


Tory Brokenshire said...

Steph your hearts are super it's nice to see the process.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Stephanie! Lenall

Dayna Collins said...

Oh, sweet sweet sweet. You know how much I love your flaming hearts and the batch you've created for the show are magnificent!