Sunday, November 7, 2010

Delicate Souls

I have been busily finishing up pieces for our Dec. show. I decided to take some of my favorite faces from my 2 weeks of face experiments starting here, and turn them into finished pieces. I'm calling this my "Delicate Soul" series since they all feel very gentle to me. I've been framing them in fragile fabrics full of soft frays and giving them just a line of text as it comes to me while I'm working on them.

I'm thrilled with the hanging device I came up with. I stitch a clear straw on the back and thread a string through it for hanging. It keeps the piece feather weight yet gives it support at the top. You can barely see it here, which is why I'm so happy with it.


Dayna Collins said...

The photos are as beautiful as they are in person!

Lenall Siebenaler said...

I like how you finished them. Very delicate. Well named. I think they will be beautiful hanging. Always love your work!