Saturday, November 27, 2010

Artist Profile--Paula McNamee

Our featured artist this month is Paula McNamee. Paula's work is bright, colorful and bold. She is a great experimenter and is always taking classes to learn new techniques and to master those she already knows.

1. What are the main mediums you use? What do you find satisfying about them?

I like the feel and neatness of working with fabric and fibers; the messiness of painting and exploring color; and making journals/sketchbooks to write and draw my ideas and collect what catches my eye and interests me.

2. If someone were going to get started in those mediums, what suggestions would you give?

I like to take classes and workshops. We're so lucky to have many opportunities in the NW with ArtFest, Art & Soul and the Multnomah Arts Center here in Portland. I read magazines to get ideas (Cloth, Paper, Scissors) and books. Anne Bagby taught me the basics of collage, drawing and painting several years ago. Play and practice make one comfortable with different mediums.

3. A perfect art day would look like_________

time to play in the studio with a project in mind, no interruptions and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day-- to see progress and to look forward to another day creating.

4. Do you have dedicated studio space? Give a brief description of where you work.

I remodeled a bedroom in our home for my studio. It's full of color and inspiration from a variety of sources- my own artwork, artwork of friends and items collected from my travels. Sometimes, I like to stand at the center work table and other times sit at my desk to write or use the computer or to sew.

5. Favorite place you've visited or lived?

Mexico is my favorite place to visit-- I love the people, culture, language, food and geography. It's rich in art, color, history, music, archeology- contrasts of old and new.

6. What inspires you (or are there recurring themes in your work)?

Nature, travel, spiritual images and insights inspire my artwork.

7. I still struggle with developing my own style, creating without thinking too much.

8. I'd be lost without my artist friends-- how they challenge and encourage me to create and explore new directions and media.

9. What's your favorite dessert? Anything with chocolate.

10. What's on the horizon? More metal smithing, explore encaustic painting and paint big-- larger canvases for 2011.

Visit Paula's inspiring
blog to see more of her work. And don't miss all of her latest creations at our show this coming Fri. and Sat.!

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